Letter: Eternal life for a liberated lamb

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Sir: Damien Hirst took a dead lamb, rescued it from being mangled into dogfood, and preserved it so it would last forever, immortalised in its own space. Then a clever 'animal rights' person 'liberated' it by defacing it with black ink ('Hirst's pickled sheep is turned into a black joke', 10 May).

Could this be a new strategy by these people? Destroying animals people have saved. How bizarre] I wonder how it will work.

That lamb has made it on to television news, into every decent and indecent paper, will travel all over the world, be photographed and written about in hundreds of books, be looked at and chattered about by thousands of people and its perfectly preserved little form will never, ever age.

How jealous I am of that lamb] That should have been me] So, in the lamb's absence, I formally donate my body to Mr Hirst as replacement.

As a fellow animal, I want the lamb's rights too.

Yours faithfully,


London, E17

10 May