Letter: Extra light improves vehicle safety

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Sir: I have read with interest the various letters (20, 22 and 23 November) concerning the M40 minibus crash. Some years ago, at night, I very nearly ran into the back of a parked lorry - at least it was stationary beneath a bridge on the North Circular.

I was not tired, nor had I been drinking, but I had seen the red lights for some time and was taken completely by surprise when I almost drove into them.

Afterwards, I tried to find the reason as to why I had not realised the vehicle was not moving. It seemed to me that it is difficult to determine at times of reduced visibility how far away a vehicle is in front of you. The only point of reference are those red lights.

Surely it is about time we adapted a rear green light so that should a red rear light be activated on a vehicle, the person behind would at once be able to take avoiding action.

Yours faithfully,


London, EC1

21 November