Letter: Facts are treason to bellicose Brits

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Sir: What has happened to informed debate? What is in Britain's interest that is not in the interest of any other member of the European Union? What is so wrong with the recent statement by Jacques Santer (report, 22 April)? The British electorate must be the worst informed people on the planet when it comes to the EU.

During this election we have had much noise and heat generated, particularly by the so-called Euro-sceptics who seem to regard European Union and a single currency as a continuation of the Second World War. The arguments against Europe typically use words and phrases such as "surrender", "German domination", "fighting for Britain's interests", "European threat" and so on.

This is the kind of bellicose language that would appeal to bullies, bigots and those ignorant nationalists who like to "remember the war". Each time anyone says anything remotely factual or positive about Europe or the implications of a single currency, they are regarded as committing some sort of treasonable offence.


London SW19