Letter: Final farewell to 'House' of mixed repute

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Sir: So, farewell then, House. The cries of 'rubbish' have finally brought you down. But what do we put in your place? Perhaps we need something more appropriate to the area, something more municipal. What better than to ask Bow Parks Board to erect a statue of Councillor Eric Flounders. After all, with him not seeking re-election, a long period of faithful service to the borough comes to a close this year.

Imagine that steely gaze across Bow, past Mile End and on to Docklands. An arm outstretched as if in salute to the loyal populace of Poplar and the Isle of Dogs. Thousands will flock to see it.

And what should we make this statue out of? It must be durable - local dogs are sure to give their own little salute. What better substance, then, than . . . concrete.

Yours sincerely,


London, E9

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