LETTER : Forgotten peace monument

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From Mr Selwyn Hodson-Pressinger

Sir: Your articles on "VJ Day remembered" by Richard Lloyd Parry and Will Bennett (14 August) were particularly interesting and informative. What I found saddening, however, is that a prominent national monument which commemorates peace continues to be overlooked, just as it was 50 years ago.

I refer to London's forgotten "Arc de Triomphe", the arch at Hyde Park Corner by Decimus Burton, and its Quadriga, an immense sculptural masterpiece by Adrian Jones. Appropriately, the winged figure shown alighting on the Quadriga and dominating the entire monument, is "Peace".

Jones, being a captain in the cavalry as well as an artist, possessed a soldier's knowledge of the horrors of war. It was his wish and that of his sovereign, Edward VII, to honour those killed and build this monument to peace. In London, many statues suffer from their site. However, the Quadriga is fortunate in having a perfect location. May we bear this in mind as we commemorate peace now and in future.

Yours sincerely,

Selwyn Hodson-Pressinger



14 August