Letter: Fox-hunting long overdue for reform

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Sir: Your leader quite correctly exposed the hypocrisy of the anti-hunt case, and outlined the contradictions and sound libertarian arguments which should encourage Labour politicians to treat the issue with caution.

Regrettably, it also gave substance to the erroneous view that hunting is the preserve of the wealthy "aristocracy", a view of hunting which is very far from the truth. The vast majority of people who follow hounds in this country do so on foot or in cars, and include those who are retired, unemployed or low-paid.

Not even a majority of the 45,000 regular mounted followers would consider themselves either aristocratic or wealthy. They work hard, and sacrifice little luxuries like holidays or nights out so they can afford to keep a horse and follow hounds.

Many would consider themselves "working-class" and many are traditional Labour voters; which is why many Labour candidates in "winnable" rural constituencies are becoming increasingly worried that hunting may be the issue which costs them a seat.


London SE11