Letter: Fox hunts akin to witch-burning

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Sir: Richard D North's attempt to defend fox-hunting, which he admits is "irrational" (23 January), in no way lessens my objections to this so-called sport. No civilised society should condone anything which deliberately promotes delight in death, be it human or animal. I recognise that some wild herds have to be culled and that farmers have the right to protect their stock from predators, but this should be done professionally by a cold-eyed, licensed farmer or marksman.

Like many others, I find the sight of huntsmen sipping from the stirrup cup before setting off, giving gleeful shouts as they pursue a lone, defenceless animal, often attending a merry hunt ball afterwards, utterly repulsive. It is akin to the primitive instincts which made a ghoulish public flock to the burning of witches and public hangings.


Frome, Somerset