Letter: Foxhunting

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Sir: Henry Best's argument (Letters, 6 November) essentially boils down to: "we shouldn't ban foxhunting because we cannot ban everything that is cruel or distasteful". But what is wrong with starting somewhere? Granted, people should be allowed certain freedoms - but the nature of living in a democratic society is having to conform to what is good for the majority as well as the individual.

In addition, it surprises me that foxhunting is not classed as "deliberately cruel" but boxing (a sport involving two paid consenting adults) is.

Perhaps many people do choose not to become vegans. Maybe the same people do not research thoroughly all the ethical intentions of the companies they purchase products from. This does not mean that they have no right to express an opinion on a matter which emotionally affects them at the time. This is not hypocritical - this is human.


Egham, Surrey