Letter: Frustrated Tories look to the right

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Sir: Sir Norman Fowler describes the Western Goals Institute as 'an extreme anti-Conservative group' and states that no member of the institute 'is known by Central Office to belong to our party' (letter, 19 September).

We suggest Sir Norman consults his files. By far the majority of those associated with the institute hold Conservative Party membership, while others have served as party officers at constituency or area level. Conservative MPs have spoken at our meetings, as have Downing Street policy advisers. Western Goals describes itself very clearly as a Conservative organisation.

However, as the Tory party continues its drift away from true conservatism, and John Major makes an ever-greater botch-up of leading the country, many frustrated and intelligent Tories are looking at the right-wingers on the Continent for ideas and inspiration.

Our nation, no less than any other European country, is crying out for fresh political thinking and dynamic leadership to restore our liberties, our prosperity and our traditional way of life.

Yours faithfully,





Western Goals Institute

London, WC1

24 September