Letter: Gay activists can never win

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CONTRARY to your profile, 'To fight the gay fight' (27 February), I have never threatened to 'out' MPs, I do not receive a penny from social security and I was not a founder member of the Gay Liberation Front. My denial that I attended the Gay Olympics was furious for the sole reason that I did not attend them.

The idea that homosexuality is superior has never been endorsed by me, although I have argued that some aspects of gay culture have positive lessons to teach straights. As Masters and Johnson discovered, lesbian and gay relationships tend to be more egalitarian, and have a higher level of erotic satisfaction than comparable heterosexual partnerships.

It seems that whatever my style of campaigning, I cannot win. While pursuing conventional lobbying tactics I am

described as sour and dull.

When prompting humorous and imaginative forms of protest, such as the OutRage] 'Kiss-In', I get accused of


It all goes to show that anyone who rocks the boat for queer freedom will always be wrong and will be branded an extremist.

Peter Tatchell

London SE1