Letter: Get out and vote - for anybody except that insulting chicken

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Sir: Swampy invites us (Letters, 2 April) to take direct action but not to bother voting, because all the main parties are the same. If we must vote, he says, let us spoil our ballot papers with the words "none of the above", to register our dislike of all candidates.

Can I vote against Swampy, if ever his (or anybody else's) single-issue obsession began to interfere with my life? No, because he's not standing for election; he's too busy taking direct action. Thank God the British National Party don't see parliamentary democracy in the same way.

Don't be anti-democratic, Swampy - take the people with you, and risk being accountable to them. Who is going to know how many ballot papers were spoilt with your formula? Will they be counted? Or will they just be lumped together with the lazy, the apathetic, and the uninterested?


Hydon Heath, Surrey