Letter: Girls who are denied a sporting chance

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Sir: I wonder when the ignorant generation that governs so-called 'male' sports will wake up to the late 20th century? ('Sophie's choice is denied', 22 December). There is no physical reason why girls under the age of 12 cannot compete in mixed teams, and they do not mind changing in a car or arriving in their kit for a match if male-only changing rooms are the only ones available.

My nine-year-old daughter was keen to play football for a team and we naturally contacted the local FA representative. He refused to speak to my husband on the telephone, and was heard to say, 'What's it got to do with me?'.

I wish Sophie Cox and all young girls who enjoy any sport luck in the future. Perhaps their daughters will benefit from their fighting now, but I wonder how many other young girls are put off sport by the unnecessary attitudes they come up against?

Yours faithfully,



22 December