Letter: Golfing women can save courses

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From Professor Enid Mumford

Sir: In the last few days a number of newspapers, including the Independent, have featured the fact that many new golf clubs are in serious financial difficulty. The reason given for this is the saturation of the golfing market because of the number of clubs that have recently been opened.

It is perhaps an appropriate time to point out that the market that is saturated is that for men, not for women. Many British women would like to play golf but are unwilling to accept the discriminatory practices that exist in most golf clubs. In Britain, unlike other European countries, women are given access to the course only at certain times. There are usually some restrictions at weekends, even though it is increasingly difficult for working women to play on week days. Many clubs refuse women the right to play any part in their management and they may also be refused the right to attend general meetings.

New clubs appear to be continuing these discriminatory practices even though they are now asking women to pay the same subscriptions as men. The financial difficulties that are being experienced could be eased by golf clubs offering the same playing and management conditions to women that they do to men.

It can also be suggested that any political party that pledged itself to legislate to remove sex discrimination in sport could attract the votes of many undecided women voters.

Yours sincerely,

Enid Mumford



17 July