Letter: Good and bad ways of spending the National Lottery proceeds

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Sir: George Levy (letter, 3 May) makes timely suggestions for some of the proceeds from the National Lottery to be channelled for the benefit of museums. May I draw attention to a case which, because of its uniqueness, it is to be hoped will be very seriously considered by the Millennium Commission?

A small endowment would place the Dulwich Picture Gallery on a much-deserved even keel for the future. This is the oldest public picture gallery in Britain (opened in 1817, before the National Gallery), and has been struggling valiantly for many years with the financing of its running costs.

The Secretary of State for National Heritage, being chairman of the Millennium Commission, presumably has a considerable input into its terms of reference and modus operandi. Surely he would agree that to secure the future of a splendid public amenity which has struggled to survive for so long is - to say the least - as praiseworthy, and as necessary, a "capital project" as to establish brand new ones?

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London, SW1