Letter: Grass-roots opinion in Wallasey and Wales

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Sir: After reading the article by Peter Dunn ('Labour grass roots give voice to disillusion', 9 June) attacking Ann Clwyd, MP for the Cynon Valley, I must respond by saying that members of my colliery feel that Ms Clwyd has done a marvellous job for the miners in the Cynon Valley.

In her duties, as former Shadow Secretary of State for Wales and also in her position as MP for the Cynon Valley, she has probably been an example to any MP in the country on the amount of work she has done to stop pit closures.

Also, as a member of the Labour Party in the Cynon Valley, I have not heard any comments to the detriment of Ann Clwyd in the Cynon Valley; in fact, the feeling is that she is one of the best members in Parliament.

I cannot envisage a situation arising in which there would be any challenge to Ann Clwyd's position in the Cynon Valley. In fact, we are extremely proud to have a person working so closely with John Smith, and she will be a minister in the next Government. I sincerely hope this letter clears the air.

Yours sincerely,



National Union of Mineworkers

Tower Colliery

Cynon Valley

11 June