Letter: Great days for Moynihan and the Playboy Bunnies

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Sir: Are you all so young at the Independent that the Fifties and the Sixties are the same (photograph of the late third Baron Moynihan surrounded by Playboy Bunnies, 16 July)? Is there no one old enough to have gone to the Playboy Club on Park Lane? How sad. Tell you exactly when it was - the later months of 1966.

Left to right: Melissa, whom I remember only after seeing her photograph; Erin, who used to greet customers or take photographs, and who I heard became Bunny Mother after the original one, Donna - famous for her electric green contact lenses, which were even greener than mine - left; the Moynihan person (no memory of him at all, but that means nothing); Lee, an American girl, who arrived at the club some time in September, hoping to break into films - no idea whether she did; and, I think, Anita, who came from Northern Ireland.

One last thing: under those bosomy curves lies an ardent packing of Kleenex and old tights. There was only one girl who could manage without that help in all the 100-odd girls there.

Great days.


Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire