Letter: Great Pyramid hides its secret well

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Sir: It is a pity that the Independent could not resist the 'Great Pyramid hides a great secret' headline (14 June). Rudolf Gantenbrink's views on the existence of a new hidden 'chamber', as reported by David Keys, are admirably cautious. While very interesting, none of his 14 pieces of evidence is conclusive; and two can, in fact, be used against such an interpretation.

John Legon has already suggested that the copper 'handles' on the slab closing the shaft indicate that it was to be repeatedly lifted, and that at first may have been just a temporary movable measure to prevent the shaft from getting blocked while the pyramid was under construction.

The niches in the corresponding shaft leaving the 'King's Chamber' point to a small-scale portcullis system. While the presence of a new 'chamber' cannot be ruled out, the tedious option is likely to be proved right yet again. The chances of a discovery of the 'records of Atlantis', as some recently wanted us to believe, have never looked worse.



Griffith Institute

Ashmolean Museum