Letter: Half-truths from the anti-car lobby

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Sir: The statements made by Transport 2000 appear to be supposition, based on nothing more than an estimation of indirect motoring costs. How can they substantiate costs such as noise pollution and global warming in real hard cash terms?

The Government must declare all income from the motorist, such as the road fund licence and fuel tax, and is accountable to the road user for every penny spent in hard cash terms. These figures are based on fact, not fiction.

When comparing expenditure on our roads with the cost of supporting the railways, Transport 2000 would do well to bear in mind that more than pounds 60m has been lost to industry in the last six weeks alone during the rail strike. At least the road users are not subjected to road strike problems.

Yours faithfully,


Managing Director

PHH Vehicle

Management Services

Swindon, Berkshire

26 July