Letter: Heart-warming fiasco of the Grand National

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Sir: As two of the animal rights activists involved in the Grand National run-on protest on Saturday, we would like the opportunity to give our side of the story.

Press censorship of our protest against the slaughter of horses in racing events means that we were not given the credit that we deserve for the cancellation of the event. We planned to delay the start of the race but are extremely pleased that the race was cancelled, saving the lives of horses and possibly jockeys.

The BBC failed to televise our protest and the press has played down our role in the day's events. However, the comments of jockeys, race officials and journalists support our view that we were responsible for stopping the race. The official inquiry need look no further than the run-on for the reason why the Grand National ended as it did.

Since 1987, racing in Britain has been responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 horses. These animals are treated as dispensable objects. The Grand National is dangerous for both riders and horses, but while the jockeys choose to take the risk, the horses have no choice.

We do not think that the Grand National should be run again this year. In fact, we do not think that it should ever be run again; and as long as it is we will be there to speak up for the animals that cannot speak up for themselves.

Yours faithfully,




6 April