Letter: History no mere island story

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Sir: As a history teacher, could I ask Robert Winder ("Let's give Harold one in the eye", 28 August), and anyone else who wants to say what should or should not be taught in our schools, to read the National Curriculum.

Mr Winder is right to say we should not have a narrow British-based curriculum and should study more than Harold, Boudicca and so on. We already do.

Mr Winder wants Stalin, Hitler, the Holocaust, feminism, the First World War and the rise of sport and television covered; they are taught in the 20th Century World course. Stephenson and the Industrial Revolution are covered in the Expansion, Trade and Industry course. The Romans and Greeks are covered in detail as is the slave trade, as well as the "traditional British history" of Churchill, Henry VIII and Harold. History in schools is not "a dogged set of names with made-in-Britain tags".

And cheer up - the pupils do actually enjoy it.