Letter: Hizbollah and the UN camp

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Sir: I am not a politician, I am an ordinary British Jew who as a baby survived the Holocaust. I am appalled at the massacre at the UN camp at Qana but no one, in the world's enthusiasm to condemn Israel yet again, has asked why the UN was allowing Hizbollah to operate so close to their camp and even to seek refuge within the camp from Israeli fire.

Permitting Hizbollah activity so close to the UN camp was bound to result in the camp itself being targeted. Surely such actions give a different interpretation to Israel's attack on the area than the UN is promoting?

It grieves me that the world did not seem so disturbed by the 60 deaths of innocent Jews on Israeli buses when there was no possible misinterpretation of what was intended.

The UN's spokesman, Sylvana Foa, is quoted as claiming that they couldn't tell who the Hizbollah fighters were because they did not wear uniforms or carry signs. How can Israel be expected to differentiate refugees from Hizbollah fighters from the air, when the UN admits it cannot on the ground? In fact it looks as though the UN was actually harbouring those who seek to destroy Israel.

Agnes Spier