Letter: Home birth favours fathers

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Sir: After Jack O'Sullivan's sensitive article about fathers and the birth of their children (21 January), might I recommend "home birth" as an alternative?

It was my wife (a registered midwife) who first pursued the home route as a medically safe and mother/child-friendly alternative. After the birth of our first child I became convinced of its father-friendly qualities too. A safe delivery in the early hours was followed by cups of tea and a few hours' rest tucked up in our own bed together, before getting on the phone to announce the news.

I was immediately on hand for nappy-changing and winding duty, while my wife could concentrate on breast-feeding and recuperating. I felt I was right in on the action and yet not "in the way" (the common experience of fathers in hospital).

Last month we had our third child - born at home, like the others. I thoroughly recommend it!


Ashford, Kent