Letter: How Britain can shape a future Europe

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Sir: This letter is from a "morally wrong and intellectually disgraceful" reader who read your long editorial today ("Britain and Europe: a proposal", 3 June).

In reality I found I could agree with virtually the entire article apart from the libel on myself. The first section was an excellent summary of our shared historical backgrounds which, as you rightly wrote, even Euro- sceptics acknowledge. But how do we get from there to European political union? Because lots of English and French and Germans like Beethoven does it mean we should have a single currency? I don't see the connection.

You say that the "anti-European crusaders" would also claim to be Europe- lovers but that, in reality, they are xenophobes. Well, this one speaks French and Spanish and is married to a foreigner. I even speak Spanish at home.

And what does the rest of the article say? It says that political union would not be democratic, that it would foster violence, that you are against a single currency, that the European project has been shrouded in deliberate mystery from the start, that the CAP should be abolished, that nations should retain border checks, that social policy should not go to the centre. Now, if I were to say that I would no doubt be loftily dismissed as a xenophobic little-Englander.

There is only one snag with your reasoned suggestions for reform. Nothing like such a possibility is on the table. Our partners would never agree to them. So where does that leave us?

The conclusion seems clear to me - shall I send you a membership application form for the UK Independence Party?


UK Independence Party