Letter: Humanism and clergy who do not believe

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From Mr Roy Saich

Sir: The recent controversy over the sacking of Anthony Freeman (Letters, 29 July) threatens to muddy the intellectual waters between faith groups and secular organisations.

The Sea of Faith movement, of which Mr Freeman is a vociferous member, has chosen to describe itself as 'a Christian Humanist' group. It occupies itself with redefining religious language to the extent that its adherents cannot even agree on a definition of God.

Humanism, however (the supporters of which are atheists or agnostics), is a rational secular outlook which considers moral issues from a non-religious standpoint. There is no overlap with clergy who choose to remain in their positions of influence within the Anglican church, while publicly denying the truth of the words they use in religious ceremonies.

Yours truly,

Coventry & Warwickshire


Kenilworth, Warwickshire

28 July