Letter: I confess, I drive in the middle lane

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From Dr Dennis Walker

Sir: After reading David Watson's article (Another View: "It's not the slow coaches that are the danger", 2 January), in which the "70mph middle lane hog" is once again attacked as a selfish motorway safety hazard, I should like to solicit an authoritative opinion as to what exactly is wrong with this practice, provided proper mirror discipline is observed.

Lorries and coaches are all governed at below 70mph and cannot therefore be inconvenienced by any vehicle maintaining this steady speed in the middle lane. There is still an overtaking lane available to anyone held up by slower traffic (usually lorries) in the middle lane, or who wishes to exceed the legal speed limit.

I have always found it more hazardous having to switch frequently from the inside to the middle lane to overtake slower traffic or to accommodate entrants from the slip roads.

Yours faithfully,

Dennis Walker


2 January