Letter: Idol boast

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YOUR ARTICLE on fallen black role models ('Role models? Who needs 'em?', 26 June) puts Michael Jackson's admirers in the same category as O J Simpson's admirers.

As one of these 'admirers', I was offended by your judgement. Michael Jackson's admirers do not feel 'let down and betrayed' because every one of his fans believes in his complete innocence. There is no evidence whatsoever that Jackson is guilty. Every single one of the 'witnesses' has decided that after making millions by selling their stories to the media, particularly the British tabloids, they were 'mistaken'.

It is not Michael Jackson who has let us down and betrayed us. It is the media. The global media have been solely responsible for all but destroying the career of a man who has touched millions of hearts all over the world.

But Michael Jackson will bounce back. He has a new album due out by Christmas, and a British film in the pipeline. Michael Jackson's fans feel far from betrayed by him. We simply love and respect him all the more.

Robin Meltzer

Brentwood, Essex