Letter: Implications of re-ordaining Anglican priests

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Sir: I am neither theologian nor scholar, but have no difficulty in understanding words like 'utterly null and void', used by Cardinal Basil Hume when restating the Roman Catholic view of the orders of Anglican priests ('Church rebels told they must become Roman Catholics as individuals', 24 April).

The argument that these priests would not be required to deny their former ministry will just not wash. We are told that they will have to be re-ordained: if that is not a denial of their former ministry, what is?

What does it say about the nature of the sacraments they have administered as priests in the Anglican Church? There can surely be only one answer: that they are 'null and void'. And where does it leave those of us who have received these sacraments at their hands? 'Betrayed' feels about right.

Yours faithfuly,


Whitley Bay, Northumberland

26 April