Letter: Involvement of women, men and sailors in the Second World War

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From Commander D. J. Childs, RN

Sir: Barbara Hoddinott (Letters, 3 May) speaks of the Merchant Navy and its 29,180 men who lost their lives in the Second World War as a "forgotten group".

It is intended to remember the great contribution that the Merchant Service made by planting a wood in the National Memorial Arboretum at Croxall in Staffordshire. On land donated by Redland plc, Tilhill Forestry have volunteered to plant a tree for each merchant ship lost to enemy action, over 2,500 in all. The Arboretum would welcome the opportunity to enhance this memorial by also planting commemorative trees for those thousands who lost their lives and would be glad to provide details to those interested in making sure their sacrifice or that of any other "forgotten group" is for ever remembered.

Yours faithfully,



The National Memorial

Arboretum Appeal

London, EC1

3 May