Letter: Israel's treatment of Palestinians

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Sir: One of the most inhumane acts that is taking place in Bosnia- Herzegovina is ethnic cleansing of the mainly Muslim population. But in your choice of prominent people's views on armed intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina ('Should we intervene with arms?', 16 December), you conveniently forgot to include a representative of a people who experienced such 'cleansing' not long ago. The people are none other than the Palestinians. In 1948, they experienced ethnic cleansing and the world looked the other way. They are still in the diaspora, 44 years on.

Surely, in the same way as you invited someone from a Zionist organisation to present a Jewish perspective on the intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina (from their experience of the Holocaust), you could have given an opportunity to a Palestinian to present their view (from their experience of ethnic cleansing).

The Palestinians are still experiencing ethnic cleansing. Today, hundreds have been expelled from their land. Forty-four years from now, we will be writing a similar story about the Bosnian Muslims.

Yours faithfully,


Editor, Muslim News

Harrow, Middlesex

17 December