Letter: Keep Spice Girls away from Dad

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The Independent Online
Sir: What do The Independent and our father have in common? The Spice Girls! ("Spice Girls vote Thatcher the new leader of their band", 13 December; letter, 14 December) What is happening to what has always been regarded in our family as a serious paper? Now, every morning, our father, who is a source of embarrassment at the best of times, quotes long, mostly boring facts about the Spice Girls, and how it must be right because it is in The Independent.

As three teenagers who are not in the slightest bit interested in this group, can we ask that you please stop putting their photo on the front cover and providing our father with more irrelevant facts. Let's have some real news. Come back to earth, Independent - there are better ways to attract young readers!


Oadby, Leicestershire