Letter: Labour burgled in Putney too

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Sir, I share the concern expressed by David Mellor (18 October) about the strange happenings in the Putney electorate.

Some months ago, soon after I was named as the Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Putney, my home was burgled and filing cabinets containing private financial information were rifled.

Shortly afterwards, on a Saturday morning, I had an unexpected and unannounced visitor claiming to be from the Inland Revenue Department, asking for details about certain financial matters. I declined to give the information to him, he left saying he would return, and I have not heard from the Inland Revenue again.

As soon as David Mellor and Sir James Goldsmith stop hitting out at each other, perhaps they will join me in discussing the real issues facing the electorate - high taxation, unemployment, the national health service and education.


Labour Parliamentary Spokesperson for Putney

London SW15