Letter: Lie of the land at Westminster

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Sir: In saying that ministers sometimes have to lie to the House of Commons, William Waldegrave is only telling the truth. To say that this is not the case would in fact be to tell a lie. Those who pretend that he is wrong are sustaining a falsehood. The real lie is to deny that ministers ever tell lies.

William Waldegrave, far from betraying his responsibility for open, truthful government is, paradoxically, giving a lead in truth- telling. Indeed, in not sustaining this particular pretence, he is perhaps the only MP on either side who is not, in this respect, trying to deceive the British people.

He is, in fact, treating us almost like adults. No wonder he is under such attack from newspapers, which like to patronise their readers, and from fellow-politicians, whose contempt for the electorate and capacity for self-deception are by now depressingly familiar.

Yours faithfully,


London, N12