LETTER : Lost mystery of Stonehenge

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Sir: The great majority of people see Stonehenge only from the A303. Children going to the West Country look forward to the sight. To cut-and- cover this road, as recommended by Professor Buchanan (letter, 20 June) and thus prevent anyone from seeing this view is outrageous. To use public money, whether Lottery or otherwise, to do this work in order that the stones can only be viewed by making a payment (perhaps to a private firm) is highly improper.

I understand that 50 per cent of visitors to Stonehenge felt dissatisfied afterwards. It's not surprising. Having been brought from London by coach they expect something more, although they don't know quite what. In the 1930s, when as a boy I dozed in the sun on the stones, they were an awe- inspiring sight. Now that has all gone and no amount of restructuring can recapture it. Forget them; there are far more important things to be done.


Motcombe, Dorset