Letter: Lunch debate gives food for thought

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Sir: John Smurthwaite regrets the use of the word 'lunch' for 'dinner' (letter, 14 October).

To the folk I know who hail from north of Watford, Sunday lunch (with or without a capital 'L') is still called Sunday dinner; however, my family and friends (originally from London) have always called lunch 'lunch', and the evening meal 'supper'. 'Dinner' was supper on more formal occasions.

As I now live in Scotland, I have grown accustomed to the midday meal being referred to as 'dinner', and the evening meal 'tea'; although initially confusing, I have learnt to adjust my use of the words to suit.

There certainly seems no danger of Mr Smurthwaite's use of the word 'dinner' being ousted, at least not up here.

Yours faithfully,



15 October