Letter: M U D on a smart city number plate

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Sir: Jonathan Glancey writes in his article about number plates ("Change our number plate? RU MAD", 9 March) "most of us do not care one way or another, or not unless we are landed with a number that makes us look even sillier than a pop star; there are some that include words like MOO or MUD, suitable for dairy farmers, perhaps, but surely not for us smart urban professionals (who would do better with SUP or YUP)."

We even smarter urban professionals who regularly use the Internet are more than aware that MUDs are a cult form of multi-player computer game, and MOOs ("MUD, Object-Oriented") form a sub-class of them. I for one would be quite happy to have MUD 1 as my number plate, although I doubt my wife would sanction a pounds 20,000 investment in it.

Richard A Bartle

Colchester, Essex