Letter: Mark of Europe

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Sir: It is perhaps the general view that little will be achieved at the Edinburgh summit this weekend. But there is one matter that could be resolved, and that is the location of the proposed Community Trade Mark Office.

London has massive advantages for the location of the office - these include the best professional trade mark infrastructure in Europe, and easier accessibility by air than any other European city.

To commence the single market with the issue of a unified Trade Mark Office unresolved is clearly a nonsense. Businesses in the UK and elsewhere in Europe need such a system. While other Community institutions, such as the Central Bank and the Environment Office, have been much discussed, the Community Trade Mark office appears to have been overlooked.

Here is an opportunity for the UK to achieve a positive step forward with its presidency and provide a lasting and continuing benefit to this country.

Yours faithfully,



The Institute of

Trade Mark Agents



The Chartered Institute

of Patent Agents

Croydon, Surrey