Letter: Market forces have failed us

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REGARDING your excellent editorial 'A failed philosophy', (13 June), surely it is not just 14 years of the philosophy of low taxation that is finished but also the ideology of the Conservative Party?

Low taxation has always been a top priority for the Tories. It is obvious that Britain needs a change. We need new national policies regarding an integrated transport system, extended education for all, a better funded national health service and so on.

'Market forces' cannot fulfil this role. We need a mixed economy, and dare I say it, socialist principles for rebuilding our infrastructure. Rebuilding our society would create employment and more jobs would produce more revenue. This is in stark contrast to the scenario as planned by the Tories, that of sweat-shop labour with the lowest wages and benefits in Europe.

Conservatism doesn't work.

P Webber

Glastonbury, Somerset