Letter: Men, sex and football

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Sir: Annabel Ferriman is yet another in a long line of women writers who agonise over why men commit adultery or speculate why some famous person is caught with a prostitute ("Why's he a dirty Harry?", 2 May). She quotes a (woman) psychologist who has "discovered the reasons".

It really is very simple. Sperms and eggs. Men have lots of the former and our unsocialised imperative is to spread them about. With the dominant and most desirable males, the imperative is even stronger and whatever men may tell women as we gaze deeply into your eyes, even those with a below-average sex drive would be doing it all the time, if we were sure we could get away with it.

There is one area in which men and women do indeed confuse each other. Women find it difficult to believe that men genuinely do not really think they are doing anything wrong. What we do not understand is why men always get the blame and never all the women who are voluntarily doing it with us.


London SW13