Letter: Michael Portillo's virtual realtiy leaves no room for the facts

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From Mr David Rickard

Sir: May I say that I have the greatest respect for the SAS, and I resent its name being used for cheap political gains. In Michael Portillo's case, those letters spell out one clear message: Silly At [the] Seaside.

Yours sincerely,

David Rickard

Riccall, North Yorkshire

From Mr Neil Calder

Sir: Around the world, the three letters SAS are immediately recognised as the acronym for Scandinavian Airlines and not, as Michael Portillo clearly assumes, our Special Air Service. Non-Brits must be wondering why a most congenial airline should "send a chill down the spine of the enemy". Which enemy, by the way?

Yours faithfully,

Neil Calder

Ecorans, Ain