LETTER: Militant teachers aren't classroom wreckers

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From Mr Bill Mullins

Sir: Tim Kelsey (News Analysis, 19 April) dismisses Militant with a "little or no influence... in major unions" in the very aftermath of the attack on us and the Left from NUT General Secretary Doug McAvoy. This had little to do with the minor event around David Blunkett's provocative appearance at the conference but more to do with the fact that it was Militant members who moved the main resolution on class sizes.

Additionally it was Militant members on the NEC of Unison who moved the resolution committing Union on 23 February to a one-day public sector strike against government cutbacks - including education. You will also see at this coming Usdaw conference that not only will we be present but will once again be in the thick of it.

This is simply because the right wing "leaders" have no alternatives or strategy for winning victories for their members over the Tories.

If we really have "no influence" why the hysterical rant from Doug McAvoy? In any case how can you dismiss a party, Militant Labour, who polled 10,000 votes in the Scottish elections on April 6?

Yours faithfully,


Industrial Organiser

Militant Labour

London, E9