Letter: Mixed faiths can help marriage

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Mixed faiths can help marriage

Sir: David Schneider may have written a fictional play about mixed-faith relationships ("Splitting image", 3 December), but the situation is a reality for numerous couples in Britain today, including nearly 50 per cent of all Jews and 72 per cent of Catholics, while the Church of England has drawn up special guidelines for the rapidly growing number of cases its ministers are facing.

Mixed-faith marriages can have two unexpectedly positive consequences: one is for those involved to rediscover their previously dormant faith, precisely because they have to take responsibility for explaining it to their partner and passing it on to any children.

The other result is that those who discuss in advance how the religious and cultural differences will affect future life together, end up by strengthening their relationship and avoiding many domestic pitfalls into which even same-faith couples can fall.


Maidenhead Synagogue

Maidenhead, Berkshire