Letter: MPs should resist being railroaded

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I WAS pleased to read your front-page article concerning a possible 'rebellion' by Conservative MPs on rail privatisation (16 May).

I wrote to my MP (then a Conservative candidate) before the last general election to express concern at some aspects of the proposals - such as the future of Railcards and through ticketing, booking to your final destination even if that involves several changes. I received a reply expressing bland reassurance regarding the Government's intention to safeguard such matters.

A recent letter to my MP with a reminder that our concern had in no way been allayed by recent statements brought a letter from the Department of Transport claiming that privatisation would lead to better services and disclaiming any Government responsibility for maintaining Railcards (other than for the disabled) and also stating merely that 'there is no reason to believe that the Government's proposals will lead to the closure of lines/services'.

I hope enough Conservative MPs will have the courage to support their constitutents' needs rather than blindly following what their whips say.

C Zilahi

Downham Market, Norfolk