Letter: No judgements, just final peace for Kurt Cobain

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Sir: As an 18-year-old Canadian who happens to admire Kurt Cobain's music, I do not aspire to be like him but I do not aspire to be unlike him. His suicide has caused a numbness in myself and his other fans. Contrary to popular belief Kurt Cobain did not speak for us, at us, or about us. He spoke for himself.

Nirvana's music gave me some form of escape from life and let me accept - even enjoy, in a sort of masochistic way - the frustration and fear at having no direction or hope. Wanting to express myself, but not being able to, not knowing how. Nirvana did not laugh at their fans, they were in the same boat as us, and not ashamed of it.

Kurt Cobain lived with pain, a negative attitude, and a fear of failure. And he killed himself. He made no judgements and neither do I.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW11