Letter: No VAT on fuel in a caring society

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Sir: During the election campaign, John Major repeatedly said that he wanted a caring, classless society and one which would be seen to be fair. Also, he would listen to the people who didn't vote for his party.

Fine words from Mr Major: they seem to conjure up a wonderful utopia for all. But now we have VAT on fuel and further rises in the pipeline. This is indeed a truly caring act, especially to the elderly who are told to have hot drinks regularly to keep warm. Some chance of that happening when they will be calculating the cost of VAT on cooking, heating, baths, and so on - even on a humble cup of tea.

It is always the older, poorer and weaker end of society who are the targets for Messrs Lilley, Portillo and Dorrell. Peter Lilley states that other countries are considering cutting down on pensions, he doesn't mention the differential between their rates and ours.

Kenneth Clarke says that no one will die from the cold. How does he know the way poor people live? He has a house provided. True it's also used as offices, but I presume that it is heated free of charge. Also he has a palatial second residence - used for entertaining, of course, but also heated.

It would appear that the people most vulnerable to the new tax will be pensioners on a fixed income whose interest on any small savings has been considerably reduced and who are just above the limit for claiming benefit. I am a disgusted, disgruntled ex-Tory voter.

Yours faithfully,



West Yorkshire

20 October