Letter: Noise naggers take note, not everyone likes a quiet life

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CLAIRE Tomalin managed to criticise most forms of popular music from Frank Sinatra to heavy metal. She advocates the banning of music on building sites, in pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, cars, gardensetc. What a joyful world it would be if she had her way.

Because one of her neighbours once played music loudly, she is seeking a neighbourhood charter banning music outdoors. Does she not realise that children playing in a back garden may also be disturbing the peace for somebody else? Would she, perhaps, advocate gagging these wicked noise polluters?

She says that the loud music she grew up with was 'live' and therefore more tolerable. I'm sure her neighbours were thankful that its duration was limited, but did they raise a petition in protest?

In comparing the Clean Air Act with a Quiet Air Act she is missing the point: nobody wanted (or wants) polluted air whereas the majority of people don't mind background music, particularly while shopping, driving and socialising.

My advice to Ms Tomalin would be to buy some earplugs and stop being so churlish.

David Rowlands

Wallasey, Merseyside