Letter: Non-violence alone will help schools

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Sir: As a teacher of religious studies I expect to have to deliver the new A-level morality syllabus. As this must include sections on private morality (covering the family) and public morality (covering morality in society as a whole, especially the workplace), I am concerned about the latter.

Could a Conservative politician or Tory-supporting employer please write in outlining the "moral principles" behind Michael Heseltine's decisionto destroy mining communities a few years ago, or the "ethics" underscoring the creation of a working environment in which the majority feel motivated more by fear of unemployment than any other factor, and in which most of us are doing the work of two people while hundreds of thousands languish on the dole?

I feel confident enough to discuss family values, but what kind of values do the Government and employers think they are helping to promote in the workplace? I and my pupils would certainly welcome any advice.


London SE26