Letter: Not so secret Catholic institution

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Sir: I was encouraged to see Fiona Leney write so highly of the Pope's new book ('Questions of faith make Pope a best-seller', 19 October), which is cast in the form of an interview with the journalist Vittorio Messori.

However, Vittorio Messori has not written a book about 'the secretive ultra-conservative sect Opus Dei', as your correspondent puzzlingly adds. He has in fact produced an illuminating investigation into this modern institution of the Catholic Church, and concluded that such labels are the result of ignorance and misunderstanding - and are reinforced by echoing voices in the media.

By the way, far from being secretive, we are listed inter alia in the Catholic Directory of England and Wales, the Pontifical Yearbook and the London telephone directory.

Yours faithfully, ANDREW SOANE Director Information Office Opus Dei Prelature in Britain London, W2 19 October