Letter: Nothing boring about a dream come true

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Sir: Geoff Chessum's letter (13 January) about the winner of your pounds 30,000 competition fails to acknowledge some important facts. There is nothing dull and boring about a 'dream come true', which is what Jonathon Croggon, the winner, desired. This is a dream, moreover, that involved a return from exile in London to his native land of Cornwall to revive a business which has been the heart beating at the centre of a small town since 1711. It does 'free the human spirit' when an ancient enterprise continues to exist in real economic terms for so long in the middle of a theme-park culture.

Some years ago, Tim Severin recreated a famous voyage to America in a leather boat (the Brendan Voyage). The leather was supplied by J. Croggon & Son, of Grampound, Cornwall - the only tannery in the country that could supply the authentic material. This adds a further touch of romance to Mr Croggon's wish.

Yours faithfully,


Truro, Cornwall