Letter: Off course

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PAUL Trow ("Golf falls into generation gap", 15 March) rightly points out the increase of those entering the game at middle age and beyond, but that below the age of 25 numbers are decreasing.

The shortage of girls taking up golf has been a particular concern in Warwickshire and over the last eight months I have had responsibility for finding girls interested in the game. I have had no difficulty in getting 27 girls aged between eight and 15 years who are now benefiting from organised tuition, but opportunities for youngsters to progress their game are not provided by many clubs because of old-fashioned attitudes. These can include high membership fees, age and playing restrictions in competitions.

Until men's and ladies' sections work together to encourage golf at grassroots levels, the future the nation's game is in jeopardy.

Mary Woodward

Warwickshire Ladies County Golf Association