Letter: Offshore future for wind turbines

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Offshore future for wind turbines

Sir: The debate about wind power is never a dull one. John Etherington (letter, 6 November) is concerned about British uplands being covered in wind turbines. The technology for wind power is moving very quickly at present and more powerful turbines are coming on to the market with no increase in height. From the early years of the next century it is predicted that an increasing proportion of developments would be offshore.

In independent surveys over the past five years, the public consistently comes out in favour of wind power, with an average support rate of 70- 85 per cent. Where surveys have been carried out before and after a wind farm has been built, local community support for the scheme often increases.

Mr Etherington and myself agree on one thing - that a thorough energy efficiency programme could dramatically cut CO2 emissions. But energy efficiency is only one side of the equation. We still need to find non- polluting ways to generate electricity in the first place.


Friends of the Earth

London N1